Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"What can we do right now"

"What can we do right now" was the question posed by one individual at that meeting last Monday night. Remember that meeting? We were all fired up but this passion seems to have died down.

I have the answer. COME JOIN US ON THE CORNER OF DIAMOND AND CHENERY AT 8:45 pm. That is what you can do right now to support your community and business owners. Get out of your warm bed and meet your neighbors. We need community involvement plain and simple. We cannot rely on our already strained and stretched thin police force.

Will we see you tonight? Prove me wrong and show up.

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anngrogan said...

Hey guys, you all rock! Putting your body on the line to back up concern for our neighborhood is to be commended. Sure we all can't be there all the time, but how many of the 600 "concerned citizens" asking for what they can do on Sept. 8, have showed up outside Buddie's? I count about 12, and bully for them! One lady felt we only wanted "partners" or men with Big Dogs, but it's not true. Single women, families, couples...all are welcome to enjoy cookies, get to know the neighbors, share stories, and build love and support for our community. It's a matter of just how committed we are to where we live and the peace and security of ourselves, our neighbors, and our wonderful merchants in this most livable of livable communities in the best City in the world! Are you in? (as the guy in Cash Cab asks).

We almost had our first senseless murder by psychopaths in the Village. I don't want to witness the tragedy again. Please contribute what you can and also do what you can. Check out for opportunities, or write me at to get on our informal action/update alert notice for upper Chenery.

Way to go!
-- Ann