Thursday, September 11, 2008


We met up again at the corner of Diamond and Chenery last night. Basically the same group of people joined us with the exception of a few who stopped to talk on their way home from dinner.

We stayed out a bit longer tonight (about an hour). After Buddies closed we headed over to Canyon Market to make sure all was good.

Saw a bunch of police presence today. Even last night while on the corner around 9:30 we got some waves from passing police cars. Nice to know they don't think we are casing Glen Park.

Come join us on the corner of Diamond and Chenery (in front of Buddies) around 8:45 even if it is just to introduce yourselves or just say hi!!

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Dark Knight said...

I agree with a previous poster on collaborating on citizens and businesses pooling resources to install networked security cameras. God knows Bevan will never get around to doing it. It needs to be publicized as well to all SF media that GP residents bypassed local gov't to take a stand. The police are doing the best they can and should be applauded.