Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why I Love Glen Park

I never get packages at the house. This one day there is a buzz at the gate. I look down only to see the UPS man (I know you all know his name but of course it escapes me as I write this post). I buzz him in. He looks at me, looks at the package, looks at me again, looks at the package. I think he is at the wrong house. I ask him what's up....

He proceeds to tell me that he recognizes the last name but has never delivered to this name on Diamond Street....always on Duncan Street. I had to tell him that my grandparents used to live on Duncan Street.....the "used to live there" is always a tough subject for me.

Anyway he introduced himself and told me he had been delivering to the area for many years and remembered my grandparents and what nice folks they were. How cool is that...he remembered my grandparents. He named me the Famous Granddaughter and went on his merry way.

I wonder what I can order on the internet today and have delivered via UPS?

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